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Coolest Innovative Brands

A recent annual survey to establish who is the coolest international brand finds Apple is top of the tree at No.1.  Netflix No.5, Instagram No.7, YouTube at No. 9, Spotify at No. 11 and Google sits at No. 12 out of the worlds twenty coolest brands.  So why is this important? Voters were asked to consider style, innovation, originality, authenticity, desirability and uniqueness when listing their brand selections.

These are all key attributes of a successful company but more importantly these six companies represent a rapid trend to embrace innovation with digital technologies. All of the above companies have global and immediate access to their clients; they discover and manipulate Big Data; they can sell or exchange goods and services; they have depth of both commercial and personal information – where we live, how we socialise, where we bought our last pizza or perfume, where we travel to and how often, what we watch.

This innovation and information is an exceptionally powerful commodity and in this digital age, knowledge converts to wealth. Rapidly.

In the film and TV industries Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Sky and others are rapidly investing in content. Content is all powerful, if globally these companies can dictate or control the price and accessibility of media.  Netflix for example is expanding its global indie film strategy by working directly with independent filmmakers and producers to launch titles worldwide, simultaneously, in all Netflix territories and are offering between 120 and 130% of the budget to ensure ownership of future rights. Netflix itself is now the subject of a potential takeover.

Our phones and tablets have now become ‘second screens’ in this digital age and 88% of advertisers acknowledge the need to control and embrace this phenomenon. Invest Dorset are working with the global leaders in interactive broadcast technology to ensure this sonic barcoding is successfully brought to market.

This company has created the technology to allow brands to reach viewers on their mobiles at key moments during TV programming, so that they can interact with each other. Mobile users that download the app will for example be able to play the televised quiz in real time and pit their wits against the TV panel while the advertisers can promote their wares. This is just one example of digital technology being adapted for todays consumer. An investment that is cool. For more information click here.




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