Fundraising for the Film and Leisure Industries

Every entrepreneur sooner or later needs support with capital either to create the vision in his mind or to expand. There are many excellent articles written on ‘how to raise funds for your project’ and they all have a core message. Fundraising is easy if all the fundamental elements are in place. Do you have all your ducks in a row?

Invest Dorset interacts with many entrepreneurs, consolidates their propositions and prepares them for the inevitable exposure to the world of investment.

Consider the following examples:

  • ‘The Runaways’ is a feature length film being filmed right now, in early September, in Whitby. A wonderful PG classified story about 3 children, 2 donkeys and a big adventure. See:
  • ‘Heart of a Murderer’, also a full feature film to be ‘shot’ in Bournemouth and London starting in early April 2019. A true story from 1946, a thrilling crime drama about the murderous activities of Neville Heath, ex RAF wartime pilot. See:
  • The Surf Lagoon, an extraordinary leisure concept see:
  • Film City, a vision for the creative industries. A one-stop-shop commercial community for broadcasters, filmmakers, game workshops, educators and communicators on 160 acres. This energy-secure complex is to be the key element of a mixed use site geographically central to three major conurbations.


All of the above have the same elements in common. They require time, planning, a pitch document, company formation and company structure prior to seeking relevant funds from investors. Each project requires a different and very focused approach to define the target investor, the timeline and the needs of both the project and the investor. The films are ‘creative’ and therefore crowdfunding and angel investment must be considered. The Surf Lagoon and Film City both require significant investment, potentially from global wealth funds, and pro-active partnerships for these land-based assets.

To find out more about fundraising, to discuss a project in the making, to get your ducks in a row or to potentially invest, talk to Invest Dorset.


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