A Plan for Business

ID Business Plan Word DiagramIf you have a dream to start a business or are a business bemused then take just one blank sheet of paper and write a short concise note to yourself.

This is your business plan. Simply answer the following questions :

What is your business idea and why might it succeed? How will it make money if that is your aim? What or who is your competition? Who is your target customer?  Describe him / her concisely, and describe your marketplace? Who are you and what skills do you possess that might ensure success? What funding might you require and how will you repay this loan / investment? What are your financial forecasts for turnover, expenses and the subsequent profit / loss and taxes? What are your future plans for your business?

If you have all the answers and they came effortlessly then be confident – you have a concise plan for your business. It is from this small sheet that entrepreneurs blossom.

If you remain bemused and are not blossoming or you wish perhaps to develop your one pager business plan to become a pitch for investment then Invest Dorset can certainly listen, discuss, assist and take action.

There are many excellent sources of information for start up and ‘bemused’ businesses and once you have defined and refined your business plan then grants and finance become more accessible.


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